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The journey began May 2008 and has a long way to go. By 2016 the company's vision includes completing 500 center setups and setting up quality oriencted product application,software and CRM development unit . Our associates for this bullish journey.

Advantage of Predictive Dialer Software in Udaipur

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You should seriously consider a cloud-based predictive dialer for your call center. Let’s take a look at why.Predictive dialing, of course, enables businesses to make employees more efficient by improving call ratios. It also can be used for automated messages, which is handy for businesses of any size that want to reach out to customers for reminders, sale opportunities, etc. (Be mindful of regulations, however – the Telephone Consumer Protection Act strictly regulates the dos and don’ts of automated dialing).

A predictive dialer is an electronic device that allows for automated outbound dialing to a list of numbers, connecting answered calls with the calling person. The main advantage of predictive dialer over other automated dialers is that it is able to calculate (predict) the probability of a call being answered and according to this value, make the right number of calls to optimize the balance between low agent idle time and low abandonment rate.Our Hosted/Cloud Based Predictive Dialer is easy-to-use, easy-to-setup, and has a robust feature/functionality toolset that rivals even the most expensive premise based systems. We can have you up and running in a matter of hours. All your agents need is a reliable broadband internet connection and they can login and take calls from anywhere in the world.

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Who Are We? What Do We Do?

Avyukta is a turnkey call center technology solutions provider with soft / hard predictive Dialer , IVR , CRM Solutions for call centers and SMEs

Pricing Plans Dialer-Hosted

  1. Dialer / ACD Rental @ 600/Seat/Month
  2. Dialer / ACDPurchase @ 2900/Seat
  3. Dialer +DOT Approved VOIP @ .59 INR/Min for US/UKLL/Canada
  4. Hosted / Cloud / Dialer Server @ 700/Seat/Month
  5. [Prices mentioned valid for 20+ Seats]

Generic Customer Concerns

  1. Price: Lower than your lowest bidder
  2. Quality: Free/Paid Demo,99 Live Reference Centers / Online Webinar / Presentation
  3. Others: Money Refund Policy , Reseller Discounts / Reference Incentives


Avyukta Intellicall Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is one of the pioneer companies on turnkey platforms and bundled solutions to avail single vendor coordination with the end clients for Bandwidth , Digitial CTI / PRI /T1 / E1 / Cards / GSM Gateways / FCT Solutions though a reliable and risk free channel partnership and official resellerships.